#2 - Profiling Bref
April 06, 2023
My PHP Serverless News podcast gives me the opportunity to look at serverless vendors, projects, and at the industry at large, as a PHP developer. In this episode, I profile The Bref Project, with an eye on its recent major release of version 2.0, which was tagged on March 14th. Bref is a critical free and open source project for our PHP Community, providing a one-stop means of using Lambda with PHP. It is the only such project of its kind. It is a real pleasure to have this major, new release coincide with my second "PHP Serverless News" episode. My first project profile should be Bref. I have a special affection for the Bref Project. It is because of Bref that I got my "Hello World" PHP Lambda function to work. From that success, I started to get a handle on Lambda, which eventually led me to shift my focus to PHP serverless. Including doing this podcast show. I will touch on Bref's history, PHP runtimes, Serverless Framework plugin, intermediation code, documentation, and then conclude with a few observations.